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In Cubeonomics, career women gain the knowledge and strategies that will move them beyond the confinements of their cubes in order to gain visibility, create strategic relationships and boost their brand. Karyn shares the challenges she and her clients faced as they navigated the corporate world that caused them to be stuck in various times in their careers. 

One must ask themselves, “Why are women 50% of the college graduates in the USA and men still hold 80% of the leadership roles in Corporate America?”, it’s because women’s voices are still not being heard and there are no practical actions they can take that will help them be strategic in their research and implementation. However, it’s not their fault, the myths that have been ingrained in women’s very being has shaped the way women think and act. I know, I have been there but I am here to offer help in this book. 

This book addresses four core areas that will help career women gain a competitive edge in order to catapult to the next level in their careers.  
1)Breaking Mental Barriers
2)Gaining Visibility 
3)Building Strategic Relationships
4)Boosting Your Brand

Cubeonomics is the first strategy in Karyn’s success formula called, “The Quick 6”. This system is comprised of six strategies that work and work quickly to move smart women from stuck to unstuck in their careers. The other five strategies will be forthcoming in future books.  

Incorporating humor and wisdom, this book has relevant lessons, practical and actionable tips that can be implemented quickly to empower women to achieve their full potential.

Cubeonomics: How smart women get beyond their cube, build...

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